London Part 1: Sunday in Shoreditch

It was Sunday, noon, the weather was amazing, and we were wandering around streets of London’s Shoreditch somewhat puzzled. It was surprisingly quiet, and we seemed to be almost the only ones who were out at that hour. Ok, well, maybe everyone was busy brunching indoors, I thought. And then, somewhere in the middle of what I remember to be Rivington street, we were hit with a blaring sound wave of drum’n’bass coming out from a thick brick wall and impressive metal door of some nameless bar. Did these people keep on partying since the previous night?! Or did they just start that morning? Either way, I can’t say I was surprised, as Shoreditch makes you realise right away — it is in no way a straightforward neighbourhood. 


You spot graffitis everywhere you go, little quirky shops appear here and there, trendy coffee places, independent art galleries, indie markets, street performers… A whirlwind of life and modern culture: decadent to some, iconic to others.




 I did realise where everyone was as we reached Bricklane Market. Stalls overflowing with vintage clothes, jewellery, vinyl records, slowly transitioning into street food, then back to vintage again. Surrounded by sounds, smells and colours we were slowly making our way through this feast of life, stopping almost every couple of meters to cheer for a really cool beatboxer or snap a photo of yet another awesome graffiti. 
Here’re my ingredients for a great Sunday spent in Shoreditch:
I’m always searching for travel-worthy food spots when planning a trip. Ozone was the top of my list in London’s map of coffee places, and it definitely went beyond my expectations. Sweet, nutty aroma of freshly roasted beans lured us in, and having our brunch next to a huge hot coffee roaster was pretty amazing. Their food menu is seasonal and changes quite a bit, so it’s useless to give recommendations here, although my kumara, cumin and goat’s curd tortilla was just out of this world. 
Even if you don’t like reading, please please stop by here! From fashion bibles, to photo collections of Soviet bus stops, travel guides, and so much more… 
Just because one can’t have too many plates with awesome bears and pandas. 
In no way this is a guide of what to search for in Shoreditch; on the contrary, I think everyone should find something of their own, get out there and explore. Then you can feel the what Shoreditch really is about: creativity and free-spirit.