VLOG: Moscow and St.P. — summer 2015


I must say I’ve had a really cool summer this year. Almost like a school break kind of summer. Two months off work, two months of no stress, two months of enjoying simple pleasures in life.

Two months exploring two fantastic cities, Moscow and Saint Petersburg; and the latter managed to occupy this really big corner of my heart.

However, as much as I can talk about things I did these two months, it’ll never be a proper story without the people in it. Friends I haven’t seen in long time, but it felt like we never really parted the moment we saw each other. This is what really important in life, and we should never forget that.

The thing I’m going to regret most though is not taking more videos and pics in these 2 months: I was taking it too much for granted, or maybe just enjoying the moments without feeling the need to document them. Either way, I had a few pieces that I thought I need to put together, and this is how this vlog appeared :)