Balearic vibes

I love travelling first and foremost because it opens up my eyes to so many things. Each trip changes our perspective, the way we see the world around, ourselves and people; it influences the choices we make, from picking a dish for dinner at a restaurant to a life-turning decisions. This summer was especially valuable to me.
But don’t let me start with a pseudo-philosophical bla-bla here, and I’m gonna go straight to the greatest discovery of past summer for me :)
Majorca was a very random choice for us: we just bought tickets for the first flight we saw from Barcelona. I later regretted we only left ourselves with 2 days at this absolutely breathtaking island; It’s so heart-warming, welcoming and full of authentic charm.

We got a car at the airport and set off to explore the island without any specific plan in mind.
We booked 2 nights in a little charming hotel Es Reco De Randa.  17th century stone house located in a quiet village of Randa, in addition hosting one of the best restaurants on the island, turned out to be a perfect place for this weekend.
If you’re planning a visit to Majorca, here’s a strong advice: don’t be lazy, grab a car key and travel all over.
On our first day we wandered through narrow streets of Palma, then drove south, stopping at almost every field of wheat (so picturesome!), finally reached the sea, but one beach obviously was not enough, and we headed to the second one (water temperature was a bit shocking thought, we got so spoiled with Asian seas :) ).
We finished the day with a stroll along the empty streets of Randa village before a killer-dinner featuring incredible amounts of paella and a bottle of rose.

When on second day our route took us all the way to the north, to a small medieval village of Valldemossa — touristy, yet so charismatic, — then risked going up higher to the mountains to see Formentor — one of Majorca’s famous lighthouses. Little did we know about all the curves that this road had for us — this was the first time my feet literally grew numb with fear every time we were taking another turn 😀 It all paid back later, by the way, so don’t hesitate going.

When later that evening we were sitting on our little balcony seeing the sun setting behind the mountains and sipping Spanish cava, I really wished we could stay for longer.