Hello there!


Welcome to the little blog of mine! I’m Ksyusha, 24-years-young travel enthusiast, and a creative junkie.
As long as I can remember myself I am fascinated with tons of things at the same time, which makes it a pretty difficult job to concentrate on something in particular. Right now, I truly enjoy learning photography, design, and visual arts, doing my daily yoga routine, cooking and baking new things.

I have my dear  husband Alex, and together we explore countries and cities that fascinate us. I also work as a Brand communications and PR manager for the best wedding planning agency in Thailand, The Wedding Bliss Thailand, and I have the best colleagues in the entire world!
Little facts about me and what this blog is about:
  • I can’t imagine my life without travelling, so every couple of month or so I get this bustling desire to set off for another journey.
    In TRAVEL section of this blog, I’ll be sharing our experience of exploring new countries and cities around the world.
  • I’m a devoted foodie, so if you want to make me happy, just bring me for a good meal :)
    If I eat out, I love cordial places with tasteful interior and genuine food (I’ll be sharing that in LIFESTYLE section)
    If I cook myself, I usually like to keep it simple, but make sure each ingredient plays a starring role (more of that in FOOD section).
  • I’m terrible at time management, but I hope this blog will make me more responsible and I will keep it updated regularly 😀
  •  Language studies are another passion of mine, and apart from English, I also studied Japanese, Spanish, French and German at some points of my life. Unfortunately, these skills are easily lost if not practiced regularly, so chattering in Spanish does not happen anymore, but I’ll try when I can to make this blog bilingual: in Russian and English :)
  • Yoga, dancing, doodling and drawing, calligraphy, interior design, food styling, photography, DIY projects, putting together dinner for friends. good wine, history, —the list of my interests will be hard to complete here, but I’m sure that at some point, all of these will find their place on the pages here, so please stay tuned!