Roman Romance


Ok guys, this post is about my major life addiction, and I’m not talking about food now!
Rome has stolen my heart the first time I came here with my parents back in 2008, and has never ever yielded, regardless of the number of other incredible places I’ve visited since then. Eternal city, city of gods, a centre of the greatest historical empire, charming, touristy, loud, romantic, boiling hot and surprisingly snowy sometimes (oh I wish to witness it one day!), terracotta-coloured, welcoming and full of little secrets. All that is about him, HIM, and I can say a lot more, but let’s take it slowly.




Last November we came to Rome for 3 days as a part of our Italian demi-season trip; we did not know what to expect, it always seemed to me that you either go there in spring to enjoy the blooms and nice weather, or in summer to steam in its hot air and shamelessly eating up gelato of all imaginable flavours in hope that it will cool you down a little. It was my 3d time there, and it was the hardest as we were under a horrendous jet lag that time, but it was also the trip that opened up a whole new side of Rome to us, for what we’re extremely thankful.


We crossed out some obligatory things from tourist bucket list, like The Sistine Chapel, strolled along the city centre to Parthenon, Fontana di Trevi (also one of my favourite places in Rome!), climbed up the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II to meet up with omnipresent seagulls enjoying one of the best city views.

To balance it out, we’ve also done some relaxed walks without any specific purpose to only discover one of the best parts of the city. We first made our way to Trastevere, a local neighbourhood with a strong character, so charming its hard to believe it’s not a decoration for a movie. In fact, we’ve seen one movie scene being filmed right as we walked passed, which only added up to our excitement.That day I ate the best carbonara in my life in Da Enzo Al 29 (probably of a 50000 calories in one plate, but so totally worth it!), and fell in love with random strangers on the street just because the sense of style is so in their blood here. Just look at them!




Aventine Hill had us out of breath by the time we were on the top, but the view was the best reward. It was a recommendation of a friend, whose promise of a fantastic view of 3 different countries (Order of Malta, Italy and Vatican) through one little keyhole in Villa del Priorato di Malta sounded very intriguing. If you ever go there, you’ll probably be as puzzled as we were seeing a long queue of people waiting for their turn to peep into a tiny keyhole in the main door of this society. The view if amazing, believe me, and here’s a strong recommendation: don’t Google any pictures before you go, allow yourself a little childish amazement when you get there!

I’ll also leave a list of places I think are worth visiting in Rome, and hope you’ll find them useful one day!

Ginger Cafe
A trendy lunch place, serving delicious fresh juices, panini, salads, charcuterie plates, and more

Gelateria del Teatro
Lavender white peach, raspberry sage, rosemary honey lemon, wine chocolate… Don’t get me started on this, I’m ready to buy a ticket to Rome right now just to try this gelato again! Hands down, the best gelato I’ve ever had…


Sorry, gelato again, but it’s Italy we’re talking about, right?! My personal tip here: pair champagne with mango and send your taste buds to heaven!

Villa Borghese
For those who want to unwind a get a feel of local life


A small YouTube video from this Italian trip is here:

  • playittodeath

    c’mon best gelato is at Bologna, near Due Torri, you took a photo of cooled fruit ice.

    камон, лучшее мороженное — в Болонье, около Двух Башен в центре. Ты просто показало фотку замороженного льда.

    Allora, il gelato migliore e vicino Due Torri a Bologna. Sei fatto un foto di giacca frutta!

    • sushi

      Not even going to argue, Italy has mindblowing gelato everywhere 😀