Morning in Milan

Sometimes travel is not about getting to know something, it’s about feeling it. We came to Milan just for a night and one morning, — next afternoon we already had our train tickets to Rome. You can ask: “Why would you bother going there for such a short time?”. There’s something about Milan though, that was worth coming even for these few hours, and if you ask me to describe the city in 3 words, I would instantly say that it’s smart, independent, and subtle.

I say smart, because it’s a fashion mecca for many, so dressing stylishly here is not an option, it’s your obligation! Smart casual rules on the streets and seems like even little babies are always in trend.
I say independentbecause it’s Italian business centre, yet, it feels nothing like Italy. Not in a bad way; it’s just so different from anything else you’ll see, it just leaves you wondering if you’re still in the same country. It’s free-spirited, creative, but reserved.
And finally, by saying subtle, I have to admit that this city is very hard to grasp. There’s some elusive charm that makes you like it, but you can’t quite get what it is. It’s the vibe you get in the morning passing stylish coffee shops, majestic feel of genius mind that had once created its gorgeous Duomo, and the excitement that gets you as you sit summer terrace sipping your Aperol Spritz. 


This post, however, is only about a single morning. What could we do in these 4-5 hours of free time? Climb up to the sunlit top of Duomo to take a few pictures, have a very early and a very delicious lunch at Obicà  at the terrace of la Rinascente  (seriously, I can’t recommend this place enough, you just HAVE TO GO there if you’re in Milan!), stroll around quite city centre on the weekday morning.



I don’t have much to say this time, but I do hope you enjoyed the pictures!