Jet-lagged Florence, and Why we have to come back

Florence is a place I’ve been to, but haven’t really seen, — thanks to a horrendous jet lag that brought us down to bed at 7 pm the day we came there ?
This trip was already hectic enough, with only few hours in Milan, and even fewer in Florence, which we left the next morning to catch the first train to Venice.

We did a typical touristic quick march: Piazza del Duomo – Ponte Vecchio – Piazzale Michelangelo. After that we only had powers for 1 glass of aperitif wine, and went straight to bed, seeing the rest of Florence in our dreams.



Yet, no matter how tired and sleepy we were, the sunset view from Piazzale Michelangelo took the breath away. With magnificent city below, outstanding Duomo dominating the scene, sky changing its color every minute. The plaza, so fully packed we barely found a place to stand, seemed to just get emptied at once; this moment was only for us, a private, intimate insight into the creative soul of this city.


I am more than sure that we will come back there, and soon! After all, how can one possibly get enough of Italy?!