Weekend Trips from Edinburgh

Weekend by the sea-14
Travels are just necessary sometimes. They help you to learn new things and grow, freshen up your thoughts and views on your life, plus, isn’t it just nice to change surroundings even for a little bit? And while proper long trips are not always available to everyone at any time given time, one can always find time over the weekend for a short and easy trip to some neighbouring areas, that don’t ask you to lash out, be it a still in a little town or village, hiking in nature or picnic in a countryside park. 
I live in Edinburgh, a Scottish capital, a city with deep cultural and historical heritage. Yet a lot of interesting things are happening around Edinburgh as well, which allows us to always have a wide choice of destinations to visit during our weekends. We try to make it our rule to see at least one new place around Scotland each month, and today I want to share those that became most memorable to us over the past year. 

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Roadtrip to Scottish Highlands: Loch Lomond & Glencoe

For the first time in my life, this autumn I finally decided to make a mood board, to be my inspiration, motivation and a practical to-do list for this wonderful season. With a great surprise and excitement I found out that it really does work, whether it is visualisation or just a stronger focus, and happy to say that the majority of things that was there has been already ticked as “done”, road trip being among them, and I’m about to tell you all about it just now.

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Fall for Paris

How many times did I tell myself that Paris was not my thing? That 2 previous visits to the city were enough, that another trip had no chances of changing it? Well, a lot of times. I was never a girl idealizing Paris, in fact, both times I found myself there before was solely because of the people I traveled with. Both times it was like having to meet somebody famous, and then get disappointed because it felt so overpriced and narcissistic. 
Then something clicked. We planned this small weekend getaway to Paris to open our new visa, and this time Paris got me hooked. Here we are hiking in Montmartre (this is just the best verb, because it’s Montmartre, you know? All hills and stairs!), stuffing our faces with croissants,  crepes and macarons (no regrets!), missing on our planned shopping (and saving ourselves from lavish spendings, apparently), drinking cocktails in a gorgeous speak-easy bar… It was a revelation, a new face of the city, cleaner, more intriguing, stimulating. How could I not see it before? 

This post is about little things that I found Paris consisting of. Call it a recipe for a great time in the city, you can check the places we’ve visited or find your own, just promise yourself to not stick to conventional routes from tourist guides too much. Get lost in the streets, explore, surprise yourself!

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Simple Tourist Route around central London


I love travelling and I hate being a tourist. Hate being that kind of tourist who just tick places off the must-see list that can be found on the first page of Google search, that is. I am all for finding unique, non-trivial places to explore, and actually trying to understand and feel the city, rather than jumping from one tourist attraction to another. Although, we all do need to see these must-see places, don’t we? 
My rules here are short and simple: a) don’t use transport, and walk instead whenever possible; b) always have your eyes open and your camera ready: it’s definitely not only the Big Ben and Eiffel tower that made their home cities famous. 

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London Part 1: Sunday in Shoreditch

It was Sunday, noon, the weather was amazing, and we were wandering around streets of London’s Shoreditch somewhat puzzled. It was surprisingly quiet, and we seemed to be almost the only ones who were out at that hour. Ok, well, maybe everyone was busy brunching indoors, I thought. And then, somewhere in the middle of what I remember to be Rivington street, we were hit with a blaring sound wave of drum’n’bass coming out from a thick brick wall and impressive metal door of some nameless bar. Did these people keep on partying since the previous night?! Or did they just start that morning? Either way, I can’t say I was surprised, as Shoreditch makes you realise right away — it is in no way a straightforward neighbourhood. 


You spot graffitis everywhere you go, little quirky shops appear here and there, trendy coffee places, independent art galleries, indie markets, street performers… A whirlwind of life and modern culture: decadent to some, iconic to others.

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Quick date with Venice


If you love travelling, you’ll definitely have your bucket list of places you want to go to. Venice was never on mine. Naturally, I heard stories of how romantic it was, and how scenic and unique the city was, but something kept telling me it was all overestimated;  I imagined it to be a stage setting for a crowd of street sellers and a touristic honeytrap. I am still not sure whether I would have stuck with this opinion had we come here in summer when the streets are flooded with visitors and it’s almost hard to breathe. Thankfully, we arrived in November and found the city in its quiet, romantic charm, almost empty, to the extent that some streets and plazas looked at times haunted.


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Jet-lagged Florence, and Why we have to come back

Florence is a place I’ve been to, but haven’t really seen, — thanks to a horrendous jet lag that brought us down to bed at 7 pm the day we came there ?
This trip was already hectic enough, with only few hours in Milan, and even fewer in Florence, which we left the next morning to catch the first train to Venice.

We did a typical touristic quick march: Piazza del Duomo – Ponte Vecchio – Piazzale Michelangelo. After that we only had powers for 1 glass of aperitif wine, and went straight to bed, seeing the rest of Florence in our dreams.

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Morning in Milan

Sometimes travel is not about getting to know something, it’s about feeling it. We came to Milan just for a night and one morning, — next afternoon we already had our train tickets to Rome. You can ask: “Why would you bother going there for such a short time?”. There’s something about Milan though, that was worth coming even for these few hours, and if you ask me to describe the city in 3 words, I would instantly say that it’s smart, independent, and subtle.

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Roman Romance


Ok guys, this post is about my major life addiction, and I’m not talking about food now!
Rome has stolen my heart the first time I came here with my parents back in 2008, and has never ever yielded, regardless of the number of other incredible places I’ve visited since then. Eternal city, city of gods, a centre of the greatest historical empire, charming, touristy, loud, romantic, boiling hot and surprisingly snowy sometimes (oh I wish to witness it one day!), terracotta-coloured, welcoming and full of little secrets. All that is about him, HIM, and I can say a lot more, but let’s take it slowly.




Last November we came to Rome for 3 days as a part of our Italian demi-season trip; we did not know what to expect, it always seemed to me that you either go there in spring to enjoy the blooms and nice weather, or in summer to steam in its hot air and shamelessly eating up gelato of all imaginable flavours in hope that it will cool you down a little. It was my 3d time there, and it was the hardest as we were under a horrendous jet lag that time, but it was also the trip that opened up a whole new side of Rome to us, for what we’re extremely thankful.

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Stockholm: Our Nordic Stopover


Let’s talk stopovers. Do you find them attractive or more of a time waste? Exciting opportunity to discover something new or tiring hours of waiting for your final destination?

I happen to be one of these rare people who think stopovers are awesome. So when last year we were planning a short getaway to Italy, and found a ridiculously cheap tickets to Stockholm instead, we thought “Why not?” Why not flying to Stockholm for a day, on our way to Milan? ?  Can you believe it! I could not for a long time either, even having the tickets at hand, but 12 hours after the take-off from Bangkok , we landed at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. It 4 pm and already past sunset, it was cold, it was raining, but I remember thinking to myself “Wow, it’s so refreshing and beautiful!”, and it was love at the first sight.

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