Hi there!


Thank you for stopping over here in my blog, and I hope you like it so far!
You are probably still thinking what’s with that funny name? SushiKsyusha? Sushi? Doesn’t make any sense! It actually does a lot to me, and has a lot to do with my love of travelling that I share here a lot. 
My actual name is Kseniya, but a lot of people know me under a bunch of different names (no, I’m not on the run lol). My name is pretty challenging to pronounce for any non-russian speaker, just like a softer way of saying it is Russian (and I come from Russia), Ksyusha. One day my Italian friends heard someone calling me Ksyusha, and what they figured from that was Sushi, — it stuck with me ever since.
That’s where this blog takes its name from. SushiKsyusha is a story of my travels, search for new destinations, new horizons, new challenges for myself and sharing it with the world. 
I was born in a small village in Siberia, and soon after our family moved to Kazakhstan. When I was 7, we went back to Siberia,  a bigger city this time, called Novosibirsk, and that’s where I grew up. I was lucky and blessed to have my parents giving me opportunities to study what I loved — languages — and travel, they opened the world to me. 
Since I was little I had a very vague concept of physical home in my mind, “on the road” seemed the most natural state for me. It never changed: I think HOME has a lot more to do with your inner feeling of happiness and harmony than an actual geographical mark on the map. “On the road” agrees with many things in my life: my love for travels, appetite for constant learning, frequent desire to change field of work or pick up new hobbies (then, often times, my inability to stick to them), and, unfortunately, general lack of focus (exactly why it took forever to start this blog). 
I managed to live in Russia, Spain, Japan, and Thailand for certain periods of time before, and now reside in a beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland, with my dear husband Alex. 
I love all things beautiful, art, movies, yoga, unicorns (and hey, they’re everywhere in Scotland!), cooking and baking experiments, long walks around the city and road trips to the wild, fairy tales and fantasies, cosy coffee shops, buying presents (receiving them too, actually), sunsets, Anthropologie’s everything, wine and chocolate and cheese, dancing, Jo Malone perfumes, watercolours, Harry Potter, latino beats, singing at the top of my lungs when I’m home alone, interior decor and decor in general. 
I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my life, travels, and inspiration here, so stay tuned if you find it interesting!